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Our valuable relationships with our students, industry and other training providers has enabled us to continually deliver outstanding results for our clients and students.

Why Hire Look Now Training Students

Our students are trained in the practical knowledge and skills that make them valuable employees.

Early career graduates are keen to gain experience, knowledge and skills within their chosen occupation and make the most of employment opportunities afforded to them.

The training received by Look Now Training Students has been developed in conjunction with industry, and in some cases can even be customised for your business needs. By employing a Look Now Training student you can feel secure that your new hire has had access to top quality education and Industry regarded Trainers.

Many of our partner employers also use practical student placements as a way to identify talent for permanent employee positions upon graduation, sometimes even before students have finished studying.

Additionally, our graduates are from all walks of life and can breathe diversity and new energy into your business, whilst adding to your competitive and market appeal.

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What started as one Trainee, quickly turned into many more. Elixiba have been impressed with the information and support shared by Look Now Training and we look forward to working with them throughout the year. Our trainer Gaye, goes the extra mile and our trainees feel very supported by her!

Sarah Hutto, General Manager, Elixiba.
SIT30316 Certificate II in Hospitality

Want to Hire a Trainee or Apprentice?

Look Now Training will work with you to find the right Trainee or Apprentice for your organisation and support you both every step of the way.


We know that all new workers must be trained in company-specific processes, so there will be an initial training period whether an employee has previous experience or not, however there are many benefits to hiring a Trainee or Apprentice including:

  • Apprentices and Trainees can be trained to meet the specific needs of your business while also gaining nationally recognised skills and qualifications.
  • Increasing your ability to gain contracts and new work.
  • Improving staff engagement and reduced turnover, as well as bringing fresh enthusiasm and energy.
  • Apprentices and Trainees can bring the most up-to-date knowledge to your business.
  • Enhancing productivity; research shows that those companies who employ apprentices and trainees have better productivity than those who don’t.
  • Developing supervisory skills in your existing workforce.
  • Providing a positive return on investment as you enhance organisational capability and reduce overheads.
  • By the time they are qualified, you have a skilled specialist worker who knows your business and your customers.

Additionally, entry-level employees attract an entry-level salary. While Apprentices and Trainees must be paid fair wages, these rates are calculated to increase slowly throughout the individual’s training until they are fully qualified.

Funding Incentives

There are also monetary incentives offered to employers who train people with in-demand skills.

Under the Federal Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program, an employer can earn $1500 for signing up an apprentice or trainee, then double that if the worker sees their training through to the end.

There is often also an extra $1000 if the employer is in a rural or regional area, and an extra $750 if the worker is completing high school alongside their vocational qualification.

Check your businesses funding eligibility
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We strongly suggest undertaking a School Based Traineeship through Look Now Training. Our staff receive consistent support and knowledge through their theory. These underpinning skills ensure we can provide the hands on training in our store and for our staff to become the best version of themselves. Look Now Training are amazing.

Troy and Virginia Homer, Owners, La Salsa De Vida.
SIT30316 Certificate II in Hospitality

Employer Obligations

Additional working conditions for apprentices and trainees mean you also need to provide them with:

  • Opportunities to learn skills and acquire knowledge of their trade or Traineeship
  • Access to structured training through Look Now Training
  • Paid time off work to attend training when necessary
  • A safe working environment

Further information on Apprentice and Trainee wages.

How to Employ a Trainee Apprentice

Hiring an apprentice/trainee is easier than you might think. Look Now Training will work with you to:

  • Find a suitable Apprentice or Trainee
  • Ensure they are enrolled in a suitable qualification and develop a training plan.
  • Register the apprenticeship or traineeship with your local Australian Apprenticeship Support Network Provider.
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Look Now Training places a high value on our relationships with local employers.


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